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RSI Rig Survey International

Rig Survey International

Rig Survey International performs professional, independent surveys and inspections on all types of land and offshore drilling rigs and support vessels.

We deliver an in-depth, risk-based technical report to equip you with a comprehensive evaluation of the condition and operability of equipment and systems.

Our reference point is always the same: to pinpoint defective, faulty or malfunctioning equipment or systems – and in the process help to avert potential threats to personnel, the environment or your operations.


Along with our technical surveys and inspections, we conduct a review of application and adherence to the relevant codes of practice, regulations, manufacturers’ recommendations and your own specifications and requirements. Rig Survey International also has the engineering expertise – gained through many years of hands-on experience – to carry out full internal examinations of all capital equipment to assess critical components for excessive wear, damage, deformity and other defects. Where required, critical measurements will be recorded and compared to manufacturers’ tolerances.

Our Capabilities

  • Drilling Equipment
  • Derrick Inspections and Dropped Object Surveys
  • Mud System and Solids Control Equipment
  • Well Control Equipment and Systems
  • Marine Equipment
  • Power Plant
  • Power Generation and Distribution
  • Control Systems and Instrumentation
  • Cranes and Lifting Equipment
  • Dynamic Positioning and Control (DP)
  • Safety and Survival Equipment
  • Emergency Systems and Procedures
  • Pollution Control and Environmental Management
  • Rig-based Documentation Packages
  • Preventative Maintenance Systems (PMS)
  • Drilling Rig Acceptance/Integration

We provide

Our surveys and inspections are designed to ensure that the units and equipment under inspection meet current industry standards. They also highlight any potential problem areas which could lead to expensive equipment downtime for you.

  • Rig Condition Surveys
  • Rig Selection Surveys
  • Rig Acceptance/Integration Testing
  • Rig On/Off Hire Surveys
  • Rig Area Compliance Surveys
  • Equipment/System Surveys
  • Hazardous Area Surveys
  • Marine Equipment Surveys
  • Incident Investigations
  • Maintenance System Audits

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