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RSI Well Control Services

RSI Well Control Services

RSI Well Control Services has extensive experience in the maintenance, repair and inspection of all types of land and offshore well control equipment.

We perform professional well control inspections in every oil & gas region worldwide. We provide clients with a detailed review of the operability and overall condition of an extensive range of well control equipment, from land rig surface kit to deepwater multiplex BOP control systems.


We recognise the critical safety role performed by the BOP, and its associated well control equipment, on a drilling rig – and the potentially serious implications of its failure for personnel, the environment and your operations. The rigorous maintenance, inspection, certification and testing of all well control equipment is vital to ensure it is capable of providing the required level of protection throughout its operational life.

Equipment audit

During an RSI Well Control Services equipment audit, the equipment is inspected and tested to the manufacturers’ recommendations, all relevant national and international rules and regulations, codes of practice and current industry standards. Standards referenced include the following:

  • API RP 53
  • API RP 6A
  • API SPEC 16C
  • API SPEC 16D
  • API RP 16E
  • Manufacturers’ Specifications
  • IADC Well Control Guidelines
  • Industry Best Practice


Well Control Equipment covered in our surveys includes:

  • Ram Type BOPs
  • Annular Type BOPs
  • Choke and Kill Stabs
  • Well Head and Riser Connectors
  • Gate Valves
  • Flex Joint / Ball joint on LMRP
  • Cameron Style Hub Clamps
  • Hydraulic BOP Control Unit and Systems
  • Multiplex BOP Control Systems
  • Choke and Kill Manifold
  • Flexible High Pressure Hoses and Pipework
  • Marine Riser
  • Diverter System
  • Riser Tensioners
  • Guideline and Pod Line Tensioners
  • Well Control Instrumentation

We provide

Our well control audits and inspections are carried out in compliance with manufacturers’ recommendations, national and international rules and regulations, codes of practice and current industry standards.

  • BOP and Well Control Inspections
  • Pressure Testing of BOPs and Control Systems
  • Marine Riser Tensioning System
  • Inspections and Pressure Testing
  • Review of Well Control Preventative
  • Maintenance Systems
  • BOP Commissioning
  • Acceptance Testing (FAT, SAT)
  • Well Control Safety Inspections
  • Review of Well Control Documentation and Certification Packages

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